Friday, February 4, 2011

I've been a bad blogger girl!

I just wanted to confess that I have been very very bad!  Sometime in December I received several blogger awards.  I believe that I said thank you to the wonderful girls, but never posted anything about them.  Well last week I received one and the other day I received another.  Now I'm not tell you this to say how great I am, infact I'm telling you this because I feel terrible that I never publicly acknowledge the girls!  I tried to go back and find the ones from December, but couldn't.  So here are the two newest ones!

 Diana From Daisylove Creations her cards are just adorable!  She hasn't been blogging very long, but she has been paper crafting, because her designs are fab!

And Gina at GiGi Creative Designs, my very first blogging friend.  I would have to say that I consider her one of my Blogger Bestie's!  She always has a kind, encouraging and funny word for everyone.  She warm and friendly with everyone.  I really just love that about her!

Now I know there are rules to both of them, but I'm sometimes a rule breaker :)  I'm suppose to tell things about me that make me different, but I'm not.  I'm suppose to pick 5 people to give these to, but I'm not.  You know everything there is know about me...and the things that make me different I'd rather keep private! lol!  And how am I to pick only five...there's no way.  So if you'd like either of these awards you can pluck them off my blog.  And if you want to know the real rules go to Diana's and Gina's Blogs.  You know what head over to their blogs anyway!  I know you'll love what you see too!


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