Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home Inspiration Week with Joanna!

Hi!  I hope you are having a great day so far!  Welcome to Joanna's Home Insiration Week with EAD VinylJoanna at Scrap-Making has asked me to be a guest designer for her!  Did you know that the next best thing to playing with paper is home decorating?  Well at least in my world, and as my hubby tells me "it's your world love, I'm just passing through".  Sorry, I I wanted to show you how easy EAD Vinyl is to add to any wall!
plain, simple bathroom

Before placing your vinyl where you want it, I find it easier to work with it, if you layout it out on a flat surface for a day, to let it flatten out from shipping. (it comes in a roll).  Then with a credit card rub over the top of it to make sure the vinyl adhears to the transfer paper.  Then find your place on the wall.  I leave the backing paper on while I'm doing this.  Once I figure out the position, I tape at the top.  Of course stand back and make sure it looks good.  Then carefully fold upwards to remove the backing paper, once the backing paper is removed, carefully smooth the vinyl and transfer paper down.  I rubbed straight down through the center, then outwards.  Depending on how textured your walls are, is how much time you need to rub with a credit card and your fingers to assure that it stays to the wall.  The heavier the texture the more you need to rub and make sure it goes into the texture.  You can check to see if it's adhearing, by carefully pulling back a small area.  Once I know it's on there, I start at one corner and carefully pulled back the transfer paper.  And VOILA, your room has been transformed!

Now transformed with something so simple and easy to do!

EAD Designs ~ Wrought Iron 1



GiGi said...

WOW! That is GORGEOUS!!! I love the wrought iron look! TFS!

~amy~ said...


Tanya said...

GORGEOUS!!! It definitely turns a "blah" wall to BEAUTIFUL!!


bonnie said...

Oh wonderful looks perfect in that spot :) Hugs x

Crafting Katie said...

Liz, that is perfect! I need to add some vinyl to my walls! Love your hubby's quote - too funny!

joeygirl86 said...

Liz this came out great! ANd you did a great job decribing how to apply it! :) Thanks for being my guest desinger today!

Anonymous said...

This looks AWESOME!
Love your hubby's quote.. 2CUTE!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

You are a lady with many talents... very pretty.

Rachel W K said...

That looks so nice, and such a simple way to spice up an entire wall! Good tips to flatten it out for a day first, thank you!


Esther said...

Wow, that jazzed up the bathroom!
How fun!