Friday, July 6, 2012

Scrabble Tile Coasters!

Hi Peeps!

I have fun project to share with you today!  This is something you can do with the kids in an afternoon!  It's that quick and easy! 

*** I forgot to mention, I didn't come up with this idea.  I saw them on Pinterest with different words.  Then  I saw another set somewhere else (sorry I can't find the blog) with more "family" words.  I had to change some of them since I was trying to work within a true game set.


mod podge
revised***I also will be sealing mine with some sort of protective spray (not mentioned in the video)

These took almost a full game set (100 pieces)  I can still make  the following words with what's left:

Here is a small list of other words you can use:
tea (blank)

I know that someone smarter than me can think of more!



jessica said...

These are awesome Liz!!! Love the words you came up with!!!
Awesome gift idea and great video!!
Have a GREAT weekend!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

What a great idea... you are always so very clever.. i don't have kids (well kids that would want to do this) but i want to do it.. Off to watch your video. hugs

snappy scrappy said...

These are so them! Lee-Ann :)

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Loved your video, of course i am going to have to go to your store to buy the scrabbe titles. hugs sandy

Shelly said...

OH MY GOSH LIZ!!! I love this so much! I'm going to make these and give as gift this year, it's such a fabulous idea!!
Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Kate said...

Sweet That looks Awesome. I might just have to scrap lift this one too.


Regina said...

Love this. I belong to a group of ladies that crochet for charity and these would make great little gifts for them during the year. Love little gifts! I think my kids would love some of these too for their game nights. Thanks for the great idea. Regina

~amy~ said...

g e n i u s!!!!!!!!

Crafting Katie said...

Liz, these turned out absolutely adorable! Such a fun idea! Thanks for the great video tutorial!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Liz I hope you understood that I wanted the WHOLE set, not 5 individual sets.

Cindy said...

This is such a fun project Liz!AWESOME job with it,Hope you have a great weekend!!!:)

Kim H said...

Liz ~ OMG! What a CUTE and CLEVER idea! I LOVE it! I can so releate to being impatient too! GREAT video! These are now on my wish list! LOVE the whole idea! I can see them not only for my house but as gifts!

Sparky's Shenanigans said...

Very cute idea and a great gift ideas for the Scrabbles lovers. :) Thanks!!

Esther said...

I saw this on Pinterest and have been wanting to make some, yours turned out great!!!