Monday, January 7, 2013

Sweet Wishes ~ Birthday Card!

Good Morning my paper loving friends!  Today I have a couple of things to share with you.  I have a birthday card filled with lots of embellishment and something on a more personal note.

This is a card I made for my niece for her 18th birthday!   
(sorry for the bad lighting, it's been gloomy around here)  

For the easel card base I use a pre-made card from Jinger Adams Designs.  
I made some changes to the pre-made rosette.  It came with a brad, but wanted a button instead.  So next time you reach for your embellishments, you may just want to customize them!  

The butterflies are made from wood, I colored them with copics, then used glossy accents to make them shine!  The "h and b" were cut two times, once in chipboard and then in paper.  Added some more glossy accents.  I'm really in a glossy accents kind of mood!  :)  Lastly I attached them to washi tape banners.   

This card is more than a birthday was a "keep my mind off things card".  Sometimes with the new year come changes, some small and some big.  Well that's what happened to me this weekend!  You see very early Saturday morning, my husband and I took our youngest daughter to the airport so she could go to college...2400 miles away!  She only got accepted this past Wednesday and was on a plane 3 days later.  It took me about 3 hours to make this card, I never spend that much time on a card.  This day of crafting was about the process and not about the product!    

In between crying and hugging we took a few pictures at the airport.  She told me I couldn't post them on Facebook, however she never mentioned my blog!  

I told her she didnt' have to go but she was determined!  She wanted to make sure that when she landed in Nashville, that everyone knew she was a 49er fan and not a Titans fan!  lol!

Thank you for indulging me with some family pictures! 

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Jinger Adams Designs

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jessica said...

What a gorgeous card Liz!! LOVE the papers and all the embellishments!!!
Your family pictures are so sweet! Thanks for sharing them! Congrats on your daughter's acceptance!
Have a GREAT Monday!!

cm said...

Liz ~ what a heart-warming story behind how your card 'came to be.'! Congrats to your daughter for her acceptance into college and her courage in traveling such a distance to attend. Her willingness to take a risk, combined with determination/persistance will serve her well. Inspiring young lady, indeed. Your card is gorgeous, and all the more because it truly is 'made from the heart.' Thank you for sharing.

snappy scrappy said...

Gorgeous!! Lee-Ann :)

LuvScrappingTogether said...

Liz, your card is gorgeous! Your story reminded me of the first time my son went off to college. It was such a heart wrenching day for me and my husband. I cried off and on that day. In my mind all I could picture was a little boy with his back pack just looking back at me with uncertainty. Your daughter is going to be just fine. It will be an experience that she will never forget. Lots of hugs! ~Saundra :)

Crafting Katie said...

Okay, that last picture made me cry. Stay strong, Liz! I'm glad you got in some crafting therapy. Your card is really beautiful!!!

Cathryn said...

Oh Liz this is beautiful! I am glad you crafted. I will probably cry in bed when Cassie leaves in the fall! People say you start to like having your own time but I'm not convinced yet. My kids are my life ;(. You r such a strong lady, be well! Love and big hugs, Cathryn

Sherrie K. said...

Oh what a sweet card Liz! All the embellishments are adorable! I wish your daughter the best! What a fun journey for her and big hugs to you all as you adjust! Thanks for sharing your story and pictures-super sweet!
Sherrie K

KC Inspired said...

It's so bittersweet when our children grow up and leave the nest. Thank goodness for technology! Cell phones & skype have made a huge difference in our family.
It takes time to adjust-but you have friends praying for you!
Love your card-I know she'll cherish it!

Ruth G said...

Amazing card! I love all the glossy accented bits! The colors are wonderful, too!!
My heart goes out to you with your daughter so far from home! Wishing many long phone calls and care packages sent to make those miles melt away.

Christine said...

Your card is amazing...but what's most amazing is your daughter. I'm sure you're well aware of that. May she be blessed while she's away studying. Take care of yourself and she'll be home soon. --C

Rose said...

very pretty card and i love the banner :)
wishing your daughter all the best at collage!!!

Kate said...

Gorgeous, Love the details of your card. Congrats on Daughter getting accepted and Wishing her luck on her studies. Thanks for sharing pictures.

Miranda said...

Gorgeous card! My heart aches for you, I'll never forget when my son got on the plane to Alaska to serve our Country! I was so heart broken and proud at the same time. So happy he is back here in Louisiana!!!

Kim H said...

Liz ~ I am bawling my eyes out here!!! You and your hubs are AMAZING parents ~ do you know how I know this ~ you didn't stop her!!! You put your feelings aside so she can have this wonderful journey! Applaud!!! HUGE, HUGE HUGE hugs to you ALL! I did chuckle a through out your post ~ the FB thing ~ not the blog ~ ROFLMAO and the hat!! LOVE that girl too! I would TOTALLY pick the 49ers over the Titans too!

Okay as for your card ~ GORGEOUS!! Your niece will just LOVE and treasure it! BEAUTIFUL work as always! Again HUGE HUGS!!!!!

Leanne said...

Awww Liz I agree with everything Kim said! You two I'm sure have raised a very bright intelligent young lady! I know that was hard watching her leave and not begging her to stay! I'm not to far from Nashville and if she needs anything you just let me know! On a funnier note, I need my little birdie to take wings and fly, fly, fly away hee hee!! It's time for him to leave the nest but hopefully not that far away!! Love ya girl! If you need to chat I'm here! Hugs, Leanne

My Creative Time said...

OMG! I'm a wreck for you my friend. I truly believe your baby is going to do just fine! But as a parent, I totally feel your pain! Look at me, I cry when it's time for my boys to go back to school when it's only around the block! Lol.... So I can't say it's the same when your children actually leave home:( I am SO NOT LOOKING forward to that! Well, I am not far from you, if you if you need some crafty shopping time or to just hang out! BIG HUGE HUGS
P.S. your card is beautiful!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

It's so hard to let them go - especially so far away... :-(. I love the card, and the pictures made me cry...

Cindy said...

Your card is BEAUTIFUL Liz!Thanks for sharing your pictures,I wish your daughter the best!BIG HUGS my friend!:)