Beautiful Blogger Award! What a week! :o)

H Everyone,

I've had a really good week so far.  I haven't done any crafting, but between being picked for a challenge and now a beautiful blogger award, it's been really nice.  Thank you to Sonia at for giving the award to me. Now part of getting this award is to write 10 things about myself ( not an easy task!) and then give the award to 10 other bloggers.  So get ready and think of things about yourself...I might just pick you!

Here are 10 things about myself:
1. I'm a Christian (serious stuff first)
2. I've been married for 23 years
3. I have 2 beautiful girls (who doesn't think their children are beautiful!)
4. I have a stinky Basset Hound
5. I usually wear something black everyday
6. I love the beach
7. I rearrange my furniture alot, so I get the feeling of moving to a new house
8. I love photography (some day I'll share)
9. I'm learning to say no to cricut carts...self control :o( 
10. I now realize that I don't need every product out there to make one card or scrapbook page (but it's fun to collect!)

I'm going to be working on another challenge from Pals Paper Arts, just after I get a couple loads of laundry done!  Have a creative day!


Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

:) Congrats Liz! Im so happy for you! Your a very talented artist and I love seeing what you do. What a perfect day for you!
Congrats again! :)
Cheers Gina

Marlene said...

Married 23 years?!!!! Good heavens woman, you look like you're only 23 years old in your profile pic! :)

Nicole said...

Congrats on your award! I am honored you thought of me and I'm soooooo excited!!!!! It's my first! Your so sweet and thank you so much:) If it's ok I'll collect it when I get home. I think I'll need to put some seriuos thought into such an honor! My motorhome is big...but not big enough to reflect.

Geez 10 things huh...

The Scrap Avenue said...

That was cool reading that you wear something black everyday, I do too! Most of the time it's a black tee & black workout pants.

Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

Im so honored you chose me for the award. Im so excited and its my first award. Im trying to think of 10 things about me that are different then yours, we have alot in common :)
Do I just copy the award to my website? WOW! Im so excited Liz! You made my evening :D
Thanks Gina

ArchivingAngel said...

Hi Liz~ you're so welcome & deserving of the award.
I love your 10 tens- it is great to get to know you more.
I love your latest creations.
Take care,

Emma said...

Wow Liz! I am accepting my beautiful blog award! Sorry I took forever to retrieve it:( Forgive me if I don't follow the rules right away! I am still not feeling to well! I am honor & I feel special that you thought about "ME"! Thank you sooo much!
big hugs,

Emma said...

BTW, you deserve this award! You do BEAUTIFUL work!! Congrats to you~ a very Creative Crafty Lady!:)

Lauren said...

Thank you for the award liz!!! I do agree u are the perfect recipiant of this award your cards and projects are amazing