My card was picked for the Pals Paper Challenge ppa34!

Hi Everyone!

This is so crazy!  I just got home last night from a long drive from San Diego and was so tired that I didn't check my email.  Well I just did and found out that I get to have a badge on my blog for this!  This is so exciting!  As soon as I get it, it will be posted proudly!  :o)

I hope everyone is have a great creative day!


Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

Congrats to yo Liz! How exciting. Which card is it, looking forward to seeing it! your so talented and Im so happy for you :D
Cheers Gina

Nicole said...

Yay thats awesome! Quick... post before I leave the country and can't see it for over 2 weeks!

Sara Kate said...

What a cute card!! Congrats! I found your site through Nicoles Canadian Nickel page and decided to follow you :)

Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

I love this card, so bold and bright. Congrats again! You deserve it!

Pam~ said...

Congrats to you too! Glad to see that badge on your sidebar! Also, your card is great!


ArchivingAngel said...

Hello Liz~ thanks for your kind comments on my blog. CONGRATS ON YOUR CARD TOO! You deserve it! And on that note- I wanted to let you know I am awarding you a beautiful blogger award. It awaits your retrieval at my blog so come on over & get it. There is however a caviat. You must share on your blog 10 things about yourself & then share the award with 10 of your bloggy friends. That way we spread the love.
I truly like your blog and get so much inspiration from your creations. Thank you.

Melissa Rodgers said...

Congrtts to you to Liz. It's fun playing along.

The Scrap Avenue said...

Congrats! And great card!