Home Decor Week Day 2!

Hi Paper Lovers,
I hope you don't mind that I take a break from playing with paper this week!  If you saw yesterday's post, then you know what spurred this on!
Today's project is just for fun.  Have you ever had someone new visit and can't seem to find your bathroom.  So they open all of your children's bedrooms.  Yikes!  They were closed for a reason!!!  Maybe this has only happened to me!  lol  My girls are much older now so I don't have to worry about now, however I thought it would be fun to add a sign on the door anyway.

Using EAD Designs pre made vinyl wall lettering makes it EASY PEASY!!!!
Now for the ton of pictures!

Place image where you want it, don't peel any paper off quite yet.  Use a level and ruler to determine placement.  I recommend using blue painters tape so you don't pull paint off your wall/door. 

While all layers are still intact, burnish image with something like a credit card.  I use a tool for removing stickers.

Lift whole image up to peel away backing paper.

Carefully lay the image flat, rub flat starting in the center going outwards.

Again burnish the whole image so it attaches to the door/wall.

Carefully peel back the transfer tape at an angle, and voila!!
 A transformed door!!

I used the 6x11 size.
This also comes in 2 larger sizes and a ton of different colors.  I just happen to love black but this would look fabulous in other colors!
For step by step instructions you can watch this video from project.
I'll be back tomorrow with a hall makeover!


jessica said...

loving your home decor projects!!!

Crafting Katie said...

That's awesome! Nobody is going to get lost in your house!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

LOL.. Katie's right, no one will get lost. (not even you).. i thought you had created these on your gypsy, but apparently they come already done and all you have to do is attach them to a wall.. Wow, how nice. hugs

Lezlye said...

Looks great Liz!

Rose said...

when your done with your home feel free to do mine :)
can't wait to see what else you have done :)

Got2BCrafting said...

OMG... we have those EXACT same doors in our house!! LOL!!
This would be perfect for our downstairs bathroom, I might just have to do this! Thanks for the inspiration. :)